CAM is the debut jewelry collection from LA ­based installation artist and designer Christen DeLaney. Each piece of CAM is “wearable sculpture”, influenced by shapes and patterns found in geometry and numerology, which hold significance rooted in a deeper universal meaning. Every piece of CAM is intended for layering, stacking, mixing, matching and can be worn anytime, anywhere. From initial concept to finished product, CAM is designed and manufactured with meticulous craftsmanship and detail in Los Angeles.

Inspired by the desert and natural surroundings of California and the West Coast, designer Christen Delaney integrates timeless shapes and styles that are masculine in the overall design but have feminine details. With a background in installation art, Christen's approach to designing jewelry is very similar to how she creates her art. She envisions each piece on a large scale, as an art piece or installation, then works it into a smaller form. The jewelry holds on to the larger meaning and influence behind it, with intentions for that meaning to grow and evolve the more it’s worn.

There is a thoughtful significance to each handcrafted necklace, bracelet, earring and CAM ring. Using numerology, different numbers of stones and numeric symbols are used in each piece. The number 3 resonates with energies of optimism, joy, inspiration, and growth and the number 15 stands for new beginnings, assertiveness, activity and achievement. The most powerful, stable and universal form, the triangle, stands for a connection with the higher realm, gender, creativity, and manifestation and is the most commonly used motif in CAM.