GUNNARHAUS came to fruition in 2016 when founder, Colbi Rae, saw a scarcity of online marketplaces that focused on the kind of small, independent designers that she wore and shopped at her favorite funky brick and mortar shops in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for some, not every town has the fashion chops bestowed upon Los Angeles. Colbi Rae thinks this shouldn’t limit one from independent, quality fashion, home goods and accessories. Thus, GUNNARHAUS was born as a way to share the creativity and artistic prowess of talented, independent designers that are unlikely to be stocked in your local shops.

Founder, Colbi Rae, began her career in fashion representing designers and brands entering the marketplace who were looking for the right boutiques to sell their wares. There is a symbiotic relationship between designers and boutiques that has always fascinated her and helped inform her sense of style and design. Since the launch of GUNNARHAUS, Colbi Rae has sought to curate a look and lifestyle that matches the designers who have inspired her throughout her career.

Shop GUNNARHAUS to support those who share the belief that quality, independence and good taste are a reflection of good manners.